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Patriots to participate in Montpellier

A selection of the Dutch First class, teamed up in the Travel League team The Patriots, participates in the Men’s Fastpitch Tournament in Montpellier in the first weekend of November in Montpellier – France.

16 players from different teams in The Netherlands and one player from the Tsjech Extra Liga form the Patriots team for this years edition of the Montpellier Fastpitch Tournament.

Dennis Molenaar – Alcmaria Victrix
Martijn Guillot – Tex Town Tigers
Robbert Heuvelman – Tex Town Tigers
Anthony Hosé – Quick Amersfoort
Emeron Lourens – Quick Amersfoort
Jeff Delfina – Quick Amersfoort
Erik v.d Horst – Quick Amersfoort
Freek Lodeweges – Tex Town Tigers
Rien Smulder – Odiz Frogs
Jeroen Postma – Alcmaria Victrix
Jeroen Mulder – Zuidvogels
Matthew Scholten – Hoofddorp Pioniers
Anthony Beaumont – Alcmaria Victrix
Martin Zofka – Painbusters Most




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